• The first Al Maymouna Education school was established in  Al Fakiha village Northern Bekaa. Classes started at the beginning of the academic  year 2014-2015.
  • In 2015-2016, a second school was founded in Berkayel Village, Akkar, North Lebanon.

Our Mission & Vision

Preparing our students to become well-rounded, outstanding and responsible individuals who possess scientific, entrepreneurial and social skills through the provision of a leading educational system. We seek to ensure an attractive school environment that inspires confidence and safety to our students and encourages learning, creativity, and innovation.

Collaborating with the Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service (CCECS) at the American University of Beirut (AUB), we leverage our full capacities to establish links between Al Maymouna Education and likeminded associations, donors, partners, and NGOs that operate locally, regionally, and globally to help us achieve our charitable objectives.

Providing our students with all what they need to achieve our mission. This includes transportation from their homes to our schools and back to their homes, regular medical checkups, all their school supplies, and all their clothes, including sportswear and school uniforms.

Moving Forward …

We currently educate 532 Syrian refugee students. For the upcoming academic years, the school in Al Fakiha will accommodate up to 264 students and the one in Berkayel will reach a capacity of 408 students, educating around 672 Syrian refugee students in both schools.
Given the number of students who have been served so far, Al Maymouna Education is looking at ways to strengthen the quality and capacity of each school.
As part of Al Maymouna Tanmiyah Foundation, the ultimate objective of Al Maymouna Education is solely philanthropic. Our purpose remains to provide quality assistance to less fortunate and disadvantaged young individuals.
Al Maymouna Education does not seek profit in any way. Our purpose is to assist and guide those in need, including sick individuals, orphans, homeless, destitute individuals, and their dependents. We aim to provide them with essential healthcare, psychosocial support, and quality education in addition to assisting these with managing their affairs.
We look forward to cooperating with local, regional, and international NGOs.